• Mgr. Timková Milada, Mostová, Ružomberok

    Hámor brothers from the real estate agency Alpia helped us with the purchase of our flat. They did a very good work and we wanted to thank them by telling prospective clients about the way they work.
    Our case was complicated. The real estate we wanted to purchase had four successors and one of them was a minor. Because of that reason, the bill of sale had to go through the court. More over in the process we changed our bank, so the bills of sale had to go through the court twice. Whem it seemed that the whole process is over, some changes in joint areas took place which meant that the bill of sale also needed to be adjusted.
    The agency was able to speed up the process that would take place for several months. The agency has good connections and know the instituitions that take place in a process of a purchase of any real estate.
    We were surprised that the price of the real estate on advertisements was the final price of that real estate. There is no add on. The only thing we needed to pay were the fee stamps. During the whole process of the purchase, from the moment they showed us the first flat, through the selection of a bank and also at the time we signed the aggreements, the agency informed us about all the options we had, but they left all the decision making on us.
    They showed their proffessionalism day to day. For example, when we were interested in a real estate and we had a look on it, they did not show it to anybody else until we told them we were not interested in it.
    We do not know about Alpia´s competition, but in any case, this real estate agency appeared serious, fast effective and able to solve a complicated case like ours.